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How to choose your diary

The choice of the diary is a very individual thing. Often the demands and wishes to the notebook are not the same: the lined pages inside, although the color is just the right or you will find address book in a cage, and the cover of crocodile skin.

So what are the criteria to follow to choose your diary?

— The appearance and quality of the cover;
— The color and quality of the pages;
— The presence of tabs and / or special detachable segments up or down to the used pages;
— The size;
— The availability of the dates on the pages;
— The scope and content of reference information (time zones, telephone area codes, table clothes size, weight measures, calendar, maps, etc…), As well as its location (at the beginning or at the end of the diary);
— The number of topics on each page (tape time, “notes”, exchange rates, etc…)

Remember, the business daily should be not only presentable in terms of status, but also pleasing to its owner.

The size depends on where you intend to carry and store daily, as well as the planned number of records.

Small compact diary suited to carry it in your pocket and always have on hand. A5 Diary can be stored in a briefcase or bag, it contains quite a lot of notes. As the diary for the desktop, which is a lot of records, you can select A4.

The presence of bookmarks, or special detachable segments (top or bottom) of the pages used to quickly open the current page diary.

Availability dates for the diary pages gives you the opportunity to plan things in the long term, but needs to find room at the same time all the tasks for a particular day in one page.

Undated diary allows you to take each day as one or several pages, but it can not record things on a certain date in the future.

The content and scope of reference information at the beginning or the end of the diary, and the number of topics on its pages makes the work more comfortable with the diary, so you need to choose, focusing on their needs and workloads.