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What keeps your Fisabil

Friends, we declare open the new section “What keeps your Fisabil”.

Anyone who will take part, we guarantee a gift from our company.

Share with us your personal history, the plan or project, a unique experience that keeps your Fisabil.

It can be any story or event. Or maybe it’s a project that came to life, or a sketch which came to life in your hands!

Write your story and send it to: sales@fisabil.ru!

P. S. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will respect it, you can publish your stories under a false name or without any name.

We open the section with the story of Latifa Samadova:

«I use Fisabil diaries since the very beginning. In general, I like to take notes in notebooks and notepads.

My story is a story of a mother, who was fighting for the life of a tiny premature baby. And this story cherishes my Fisabil for 2012.

My premature daughter and I we were already transferred from intensive care to premature department. The pediatricians had a question on how to continue to feed the baby. I insisted on breastfeeding, but the doctors said that the girl was too weak and could not “cram” as much as it should.

I already had considerable experience of the parent by the time I was very convincing, so I went to the doctors to make the assignment only under one condition.

Each feeding I had to fix the amount eaten by her milk.

It is hard to imagine, but it was necessary to weigh the baby before and after feeding, to know exactly how much milk the baby has eaten in grams.

A few pages of my Datebook turned into a blog, as I now call it, “Survival”, but not because the child is threatened, but because our goal was to survive in the confrontation with a bottle filled with artificial feeding and pacifier offered doctors.

Since then, it’s been three and a half years, and I’m still with a sinking heart, leaf through the pages, and with emotion again and again counted in the mind of our success with her daughter in those days:

Experiment, Day 1, from birth DAY 4
8:00 – 14 grams
9:30 – 13 grams
11:00 – 21 grams
12:45 – 19 grams …
And so on. During the five days around the clock, including night intervals.
Think about it, how many grams of food a child gets at one time!
At the time of discharge from the hospital, the girl ate their mandatory weighed 50 grams and 2220 grams.
And that was my success. This family history keeps my diary Fisabil, I’m glad that I can go back to these memories, sometimes looking through the archives».