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We are happy to introduce you a new product from “Fisabil” — the personal DATEBOOK FISABIL™

This is a new planning tool that will help you organize your time qualitatively and will give an opportunity to rethink your priorities based on the most popular psychological theories and, of course, Islam.
We studied a lot of materials on effective planning and selected the best techniques that we are eager to share with you.

Each datebook consists of three blocks (two basic and one interchangeable):
• long-term planning block;
• short-term planning block (interchangeable, for three months);
• information block (notebook).

This structure ensures that your datebook will serve you for many years. You can use it your way to your own comfort: transfer sheets from one block to another, update the short-term tasks regularly and keep the most important records for a long time.

The organization, prioritization and planning are different for men and women, so the new DATEBOOK FISABIL ™ is presented in two versions.

The new datebook “Fisabil” will help you improve yourself day by day.

Size: 16.5 x 21.5 cm ( 6.5 x 8.5 in)
Soft flexible cover with a metal button in the same color as the material.
There is a release mechanism (rings) inside.
Outer cover material: italian leatherette (raspberry / gray)
+ Buttonhole
Number of Pages: 160


Order your corporate accessories

Do you want to please a team of colleges, encourage and motivate your employees or to thank business partners – present them a Fisabil diary.

We produce diaries with your individual design which guarantees the preservation of the corporate style of your company.

We offer a wide choice: interior design, cover material and texture, an information block on your company and other relevant data in the content.

Contact us:
sales@fisabil. ru


How to choose your diary

The choice of the diary is a very individual thing. Often the demands and wishes to the notebook are not the same: the lined pages inside, although the color is just the right or you will find address book in a cage, and the cover of crocodile skin.

So what are the criteria to follow to choose your diary?

— The appearance and quality of the cover;
— The color and quality of the pages;
— The presence of tabs and / or special detachable segments up or down to the used pages;
— The size;
— The availability of the dates on the pages;
— The scope and content of reference information (time zones, telephone area codes, table clothes size, weight measures, calendar, maps, etc…), As well as its location (at the beginning or at the end of the diary);
— The number of topics on each page (tape time, “notes”, exchange rates, etc…)

Remember, the business daily should be not only presentable in terms of status, but also pleasing to its owner.

The size depends on where you intend to carry and store daily, as well as the planned number of records.

Small compact diary suited to carry it in your pocket and always have on hand. A5 Diary can be stored in a briefcase or bag, it contains quite a lot of notes. As the diary for the desktop, which is a lot of records, you can select A4.

The presence of bookmarks, or special detachable segments (top or bottom) of the pages used to quickly open the current page diary.

Availability dates for the diary pages gives you the opportunity to plan things in the long term, but needs to find room at the same time all the tasks for a particular day in one page.

Undated diary allows you to take each day as one or several pages, but it can not record things on a certain date in the future.

The content and scope of reference information at the beginning or the end of the diary, and the number of topics on its pages makes the work more comfortable with the diary, so you need to choose, focusing on their needs and workloads.

What keeps your Fisabil

Friends, we declare open the new section “What keeps your Fisabil”.

Anyone who will take part, we guarantee a gift from our company.

Share with us your personal history, the plan or project, a unique experience that keeps your Fisabil.

It can be any story or event. Or maybe it’s a project that came to life, or a sketch which came to life in your hands!

Write your story and send it to: sales@fisabil.ru!

P. S. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will respect it, you can publish your stories under a false name or without any name.

We open the section with the story of Latifa Samadova:

«I use Fisabil diaries since the very beginning. In general, I like to take notes in notebooks and notepads.

My story is a story of a mother, who was fighting for the life of a tiny premature baby. And this story cherishes my Fisabil for 2012.

My premature daughter and I we were already transferred from intensive care to premature department. The pediatricians had a question on how to continue to feed the baby. I insisted on breastfeeding, but the doctors said that the girl was too weak and could not “cram” as much as it should.

I already had considerable experience of the parent by the time I was very convincing, so I went to the doctors to make the assignment only under one condition.

Each feeding I had to fix the amount eaten by her milk.

It is hard to imagine, but it was necessary to weigh the baby before and after feeding, to know exactly how much milk the baby has eaten in grams.

A few pages of my Datebook turned into a blog, as I now call it, “Survival”, but not because the child is threatened, but because our goal was to survive in the confrontation with a bottle filled with artificial feeding and pacifier offered doctors.

Since then, it’s been three and a half years, and I’m still with a sinking heart, leaf through the pages, and with emotion again and again counted in the mind of our success with her daughter in those days:

Experiment, Day 1, from birth DAY 4
8:00 – 14 grams
9:30 – 13 grams
11:00 – 21 grams
12:45 – 19 grams …
And so on. During the five days around the clock, including night intervals.
Think about it, how many grams of food a child gets at one time!
At the time of discharge from the hospital, the girl ate their mandatory weighed 50 grams and 2220 grams.
And that was my success. This family history keeps my diary Fisabil, I’m glad that I can go back to these memories, sometimes looking through the archives».

A new Fisabil Collection at the Wandi Bazar Witer fair 2015

From 4 to 6 December in the very center of Moscow the third WANDI BAZAR WINTER will be organized – the hearty, cozy, warming like a winter evening by the fireplace. Within the framework of the unique market there will be more than 30 brands of designer clothing, organic cosmetics, original accessories.

WANDI BAZAR is one of the key project of WANDI Group, that unites Muslim life style industry in the very center of Moscow. It is a first market in Russia, that tradicionally takes place in a shopping arcade Modny Sezon (Ohotniy Rjad 2, first floor, loft 2.2), where a widest audience can buy useful, beautiful and stylish clothing, cosmetics, art objects and many other things, produced by companies and brands, oriented for Muslims from the outset and required by a wide audience. This market is not about the religion or politics, this market is about people and for people.

Wandi Bazar 26.09-27.09

Participation of the Company Fisabil in the project has already become a tradition. On September 26-27 you will be able to buy Fisabil diaries with a discount at the unique market Wandi Bazar!

WANDI BAZAR is one of the key projects of WANDI Group, seasonal interactive project that unites Muslim life style industry in the very center of Moscow. Two-day interactive project, scheduled on September 26-27 at the shopping arcade Modny Sezon is a space that combines a market, beauty-suite and a lecture hall.

The aim of WANDI BAZAR is to allow wide audience the opportunity to learn about WANDI Family brands. The objective of the project is to create a unique collaboration of promising and interesting projects, bring together the active, wonderful people. With the contribution of WANDI BAZAR participants the organizers strive to demonstrate to a wide audience the live and real picture of a modern Muslim life-style, break narrow-minded stereotypes of perception and bust unjust lay beliefs.

At the shopping arcade Modny Sezon guests will find 25 clothing & accessories brands, 5 cosmetics brands, Henna Mehendi Corner and Beauty suite, and, of course, most useful and interesting lessons, couch-sessions and workshops in WANDI SCHOOL area.

Fisabil Diaries 2016.

2016 Diaries will be available in November. New designs, bright colours and unconventional cover materials, all you will find in the new Fisabil collection 2016.

Fisabil is the partner of the festival “Sabantuy 2015”

The festival “Sabantuy” will take place at the museum-reserve Kolomenskoye on July 18 at 11:00. There will be lots of interesting things: you can take part in competitions, sport, folk and children contests, view a fascinating show-program and just have a rest in a picnic area, enjoying Tatar and Bashkir cuisine. We take an active part in Sabantuy and invite you to experience the authentic and festive atmosphere! Please come!

Fisabil is the official partner of Moscow Halal Expo 2015

The International Moscow Halal Expo took place on May 21-23. Fisabil became the exhibition’s official partner and sponsored the award for The Best Halal Product of the year.

The Exhibition program included the Islamic Finance and Investment Forum and Halal Congress, which will bring together the experts of halal industry and of Islamic finance from different countries, and also include sectoral forums: tourism industry, Islamic Fashion forum etc.

Photos show the founder and the director of Fisabil Ashik Said Konurbaev at the finance and tourist forum.

«Joy marathon»

The relay race of peace and good starts in Moscow.